Review System

My goal is to review all Amico games by playing single-player and with family & friends.  With the Amico having such a huge family focus, their input is invaluable in the review process.  On reviews, you'll see two separate sections where there will be the traditional Gamer-style review and a separate section for family/friends review.  My hope is that separating these sections will make it easier for you to find the right games for your situation.

Gamer review

  • Reviews will cover gameplay, graphics, sound, single-player game modes, & fun factor

  • More traditional "gamer" review style where each component is broken down​ in detail

  • Graphics will be judged artistically and if they were effective for the game, along with comparing to other Amico games (rather than comparing to Xbox/Playstation/Switch graphics)

Family review

  • Reviews will cover the multiplayer coop/competitive modes

  • Review will cover the skill level of all players (young child, mobile gamer, non-gamer)

  • Review will have general thoughts and comments from the other players involved

Overall Score

  • Game will be given an overall rating out of 5

    • 1 - Avoid at all costs

    • 2 - Needs improvement

    • 3 - Good game

    • 4 - Great game

    • 5 - Perfect (or as close as you can get)

My Story

Started following the Amico console closely after the Earthworm Jim 4 announcement, as I loved the original Earthworm Jim and it's sequel on SNES.  After hearing their pitch and listening to the passion behind the project, I immediately became a fan.

This site is a work-in-progress and a passion project for myself.  I am a husband, a father and have a full-time job in a career I love, so my scope for this site is limited.  Feedback can be sent to


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the content.